What is TTCD?


Teen Theatre Company of Danville is a theatre company founded in Danville, IL by a group of teens dedicated to theatre. TTCD is performed, directed, and upheld entirely by teens.

How does it work?


TTCD has many adult supervisors that will aid us on our legal journey of owning a great theatre company, but everything else is ran by us teens. This website? Made by a teen. These photographs? Taken by teens. All of our documents and forms? Written by teens. Our rules? Written by teens.

"What does TTCD mean to you?"


"I wanted to show adults in the community that us teens have power. We have the power to start something amazing. I also wanted a place for teens to feel they belong. At this age, teens can feel lost or alone. So I wanted to provide a place where they can feel comfortable and welcome," Jerry Strain, one of TTCD's Board Member

"What do you think about TTCD so far?"


"I think TTCD is already a great place for us teens to just be ourselves and I'm so excited to be able to share that with the community!" Gabi Hughes, TTCD's Board  Member

"I'm so excited to be a part of TTCD! I cannot wait to make things with my friends and colleagues and show the community everything we young people can do to make it better!" Alexis Nichols, TTCD's Secretary



Q: "Where will you rehearse?"

A: For right now, we are allowed to use DLO's Center Stage to rehearse, but sometime in the future we will have our own place.

Q: "How do your shows work?"

A: Just like any other shows in Danville. We get a director, get a show, and start making magic!

Q: "When will you know about your shows?"

A: We will choose to announce shows in the spring time, around April or March.

Our Goals


We hope to grow into a very successful theatre company that teens feel welcome and comfortable in and that the community can be behind 100%.