TTCD's Bylaws

Below is TTCD's bylaws that contain all of the rules and regulations for board members and cast members alike. This section is more for parents, so they can see what exactly TTCD is asking of their kids and be able to ask specific questions. We also are very well aware that we, as teenagers, aren't always the best at relaying information to our parents. (Sorry, mom!)

Article I

  1. Participating in the Teen Theatre Company of Danville (TTCD) and any activities within the company shall be strictly on a volunteer basis and shall require an Active Membership with TTCD.
  2. Membership in the Teen Theatre Company of Danville shall be defined as follows:
    1. Active Membership: An active member has paid his/her membership fee(s) for the current production. He/she must also fit the age requirement of twelve (12) to nineteen (19). Failure to pay fees will result in ineligibility to audition in future productions until paid.
    2. Alumni Membership: An alumni member has exceeded the age requirement of twelve (12) to nineteen (19) but has maintained interest in TTCD’s business after being in at least one production. Alumni members receive an option of the Alumni Season Package. 
  3. In order to participate in any of TTCD’s productions, one must have an Active Membership.
  4. The Board of Directors (“The Board”) shall set the membership fee price for each TTCD season, which shall last the entirety of the season. The Board shall be allowed to adjust the membership fee price for Danville non-residents, non-cast members (members of the pit, production staff, and members of tech crew). Membership fees may not increase more than five (5) dollars per TTCD season. Fees shall be collected within the first month of rehearsals.
  5. The TTCD Code of Conduct shall be followed by all participants of the Teen Theatre Company of Danville. The TTCD Code of Conduct is as follows:
    1. Representing TTCD
      1. Profanity in any setting where one would be affiliated or represented with or by TTCD is not tolerated.
      2. When representing TTCD, one must look and act professionally.
      3. When representing TTCD, a participant must not be intoxicated by, selling, consuming, or possessing any substance that includes, but is not limited to, alcohol, marijuana, etc. First offenses will result in a one-year ban from TTCD. Fees shall not be refunded to offenders.
    2. Rehearsals, Performances, and Board Meetings
      1. Three unexcused absences from rehearsals, performances, and/or board meetings will result in dismissal from the production and board (if applies)  or a voted stay depending on his/her circumstances. TTCD reserves the right to replace any participants.
      2. Closed rehearsals and meetings with the exception with which an officer from The Board or director has given approval for the presence of said guest, or it is a guardian and/or sibling attending.
      3. If one were to miss any rehearsal, performance, and/or board meeting, a 24-hour absence notice is required. One must put in absence notice by emailing or submitting a TTCD Google Form for sake of recording absences.
      4. When representing TTCD, a participant must not be intoxicated by, selling, consuming, or possessing any substance that includes, but is not limited to, alcohol, marijuana, etc. First offenses will result in a one-year ban from TTCD. Fees shall not be refunded to offenders.Respect
      5. One must respect TTCD’s time during rehearsals and meetings.
      6. One must respect all guest instructors, may it be choreographers, teen clinicians, or any invited guest that is willing to give up his/her time to better the TTCD company and its productions.
      7. Respect the property of TTCD and the property of any other company or person.
      8. Respect other participants of TTCD. Bullying, harmful words, and any actions that can put any participant in physical danger is not tolerated.
      9. One must clean up his/her own mess within TTCD rehearsal and performance spaces which includes, but is not limited to food, drink, etc. 
    3. Offenses
      1. Some codes may be dealt with different consequences on first offenses. If so, the consequence will be stated in said code(s) found above.
      2. 1st/2nd offenses: Verbal warnings.
      3. 3rd offenses: Dismissed from cast and The Board (if applies).
      4. 4th offenses: Dismissed and banned from TTCD for (x) amount of time.
      5. 5th offenses: The Board shall decide.
    4. All membership fees must be paid by the date set by the board of directors. If not paid, members shall not be allowed to participate.
    5. Deposits shall be collected from anyone participating in a TTCD production that is receiving a rented score or script. A postdated check made out for the amount of the score and/or script must be made out to TTCD and given to one of the Adult Supervisors before a script and/or score can be given to participant. If score and/or script has been returned undamaged and unmarked, check/cash will be returned to participant, and if not, check/cash shall be deemed TTCD’s property.
    6. Any social activity outside of TTCD’s rehearsals, performances, and meetings are not guaranteed an Adult Supervisor. Guardians are solely responsible for any risk involved. These activities might include, but are not limited to dinner after performances and sleepovers.
    7. In consideration of Adult Supervisors and Volunteers, guardians should be prompt in picking up their participant(s). TTCD and its adult volunteers are not responsible for means of transportation.
    8. Permission is authorized for photographs and/or videos of Participants to be used in media including, but not limited to, newspapers, brochures, websites, and public access television.

Article II

  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of five (4) officers and anywhere from ten (10) to thirteen (13) overall voting members including officers.
    1. PRESIDENT: The President shall call and run all Board meetings, oversee all committees within the TTCD board, and delegate responsibilities to other members as he/she deems necessary. He/she must take attendance and announce all absences.
    2. VICE PRESIDENT: Aids the President in his/her duties. In case of (temporary or permanent) absence of President, the Vice President shall take his/her place.
    3. SECRETARY: The Secretary keeps track of all meeting minutes, keeps track of official company records, correspondents, and presents any requested document during meetings.
    4. FUNDRAISER CHAIR/TREASURER: In charge of the fundraising committee and any fundraising activities. He/she must announce TTCD’s financial state at each mering and keep track of all transactions..
    5. ADULT SUPERVISORS: Adults of or above the age of 21 that supervise all activities of TTCD. Also serves as a voting member of The Board in case of tie.
    6. VOTING MEMBERS: These board members shall serve as a means of a new view of discussed material and vote for decisions within TTCD.
  2. The quorum of each meeting shall be majority. If  2/3  of  the  voting  members are  not  present,  the  meeting  may  continue  but  any official business,  i.e., voting,  may  not  take  place.
  3. All decisions made within The Board shall only be approved if the majority of the attending board members agree. A board member may choose to abstain from a vote, but their presence will still be counted in the quorum. All votes shall be recorded by the Secretary and be included in the minutes in which voting took place.
  4. If a board member sees a fellow member acting in ways that are detrimental to TTCD, but maybe not for reasons listed in the Article 1 Code of Conduct, they may hold an impeachment meeting to discuss the actions of said member, where he/she will be able to defend his/herself. The member may be removed with a majority vote while the offending party is abstaining.
  5. The Board shall meet at least once a month, on the second Sunday of each month. Additional meetings may be called as necessary. For all unscheduled meetings, board members must be notified at least five (5) business days beforehand. Without a proper notice, an unexcused absence of a board member must not be counted against him/her.
  6. Meetings of The Board will be conducted by the President, starting at the stated time, with a prepared agenda which should be delivered to all board members, adult supervisors, and any other person of importance. 
  7. While the President decides what each meeting shall consists of, the following must be included in the agenda:
    1. Bigby Spare Change Ritual
    2. Attendance taken by Secretary, with absences explained. (Excused and unexcused.)
    3. Treasurer Report: A financial report.
    4. Social Media Chair Report: An update on all things that have to do with community outreach.
    5. Old business.
    6. New business.
    7. Public comments.
  8. Any community member may present an issue to The Board and may be invited to a board meeting to present and discuss said issue. In order to do so, a form of communication has to be done with a board member and community member at least seven (7) business days before the next meeting. If not within seven (7) days, it shall be presented at the meeting following the next.
  9. Rules if community members are present for the public comments portion of the agenda are as follows:
    1. A five (5) minute time limit is allowed for each speaker.
    2. Any disruptive behavior at board meetings is not permitted. If addressed by any of The Board members present, it may result in a ban (length of ban should be determined by board) of speaking at following meetings. Disruptions might also result in a dismissal of public comments so The Board meeting is able to continue uninterrupted. 
    3. Any questions asked by a community member to The Board, may be answered to the discretion of The Board.
    4. No public comments shall include any formal complaints and/or charges to personally attack any board member or any member of TTCD, named or not. Formal complaints and/or charges shall be taken up with the President.
  10. By the end of the company year, The Board must have created at least a tentative calendar describing board meetings, fundraisers, etc., for the following year.
  11. Electing new board members must be done by the sitting board.
  12. There  will  be  three  (3) elections  each  year.  One  in  April , one  in  August,  and  one in December.  The  April election  will  be the  officer  election , with all officers  choosing  ot to either re-run  or  leave the  office  based  on  number  of  terms. The  August  and  December  election  will  consist  of  board  members  re-running .
  13. Officers  may only  serve  two terms  for  a  total  of  four  (4) years. Voting  members  can  choose  to  stay  on  the  board  until  they age  out  at  the age  of nineteen (19).
  14. If an elected board member shall choose to want to leave the company before his/her term is over, he/she must give two months notice to give the rest of The Board a fair chance to re-elect, and said board member may not be re-elected for one company year.
  15. The Board must be assisted with a minimum of one (1) Adult Supervisor that is approved by the current board. An advisor shall be replaced after a hearing with a majority rules vote.
  16. The Board works as Chief Executive Director and Chief Artistic Director of TTCD and as producer of all Productions.  Executive responsibilities include control of all financial, business, and organizational matters.  Artistic responsibilities require The Board to ensure that the purpose of TTCD is reflected in all productions.  The Board reserves the right to override a decision made by a member of the production staff when it is determined that the best interest and/or purpose of the company is in question or at risk by a majority vote of The Board.

Article III

  1. All money raised through TTCD shall only be used to support the company’s activities.
  2. All financial, fundraising, etc., decisions must be approved by The Board ahead of time. The Board is allowed to also establish a budget for any trusted individual in charge of TTCD activity.
  3. All approved purchases must be reported to the Secretary or Treasurer with a receipt.
  4. The board shall set a budget for a production before rehearsals begin. Budgets may be proposed by the production team of each production.

Article IV

  1. Before the start of every company year, The Board shall decide the best number of shows that TTCD may produce based on budget, community interest, etc.
  2. At most, the company may produce three (3) shows a year. 
  3. A production staff shall be required for all productions. All non-optional staff members are separated by an asterisk next to the title position. Every other title must be filled for every single production. Production titles are as follows:
    1. Director: The director shall be in charge of the production. He/she will be responsible for scheduling rehearsals, staging the show, and overseeing all production staff’s business to ensure the production is the best product for our patrons.
    2. *Choreographer: The choreographer shall be in charge of choreographing all dance numbers within the production, and also any warm-ups that are needed.
    3. *Vocal director: The vocal director shall be in charge of teaching each performer his/her music for the production, and also any warm-ups that are required.
    4. Stage Manager: The stage manager shall be responsible for all stage crew members, and what happens backstage during rehearsals and shows. Duties may include, calling all set changes and organizing props.
    5. Set Designer: The set designer shall be in charge of the set of each production, while maintaining within the budget set by The Board. They are also in charge of making sure that all set pieces are ready to go by show time.
    6. Costume Designer: The costume designer shall be responsible for the clothing each cast member wears during the production. Costumes can be borrowed, purchased, or found in storage. He/she will also be responsible for maintaining the condition of borrowed clothing and clothing found in storage.
    7. Sound Designer: The sound designer shall be in charge of operating microphones and sound board of productions. He/she shall create a microphone plot, organize the equipment, place microphones on Cast Members, run sound check, and maintain the condition of all equipment for the duration of the Production.
    8. *Makeup Designer: He/she shall be responsible of doing the makeup of cast members and making sure the makeup is appropriate for the time period with which the production takes place.
    9. Casting Committee: The director’s stage production team.
  4. The Board shall have a final decision on the production staff of each production. Each person interested in applying must submit a resume and an application for review by The Board. The Board shall interview all applicants. The Board has the right to continue advertising if the best fit production staff has not yet been found after denying applicants. 
  5. The director of each production is welcome and encouraged to recommend members of the community he/she sees best fit for each title of the production staff.
  6. Auditions shall be held for every production. The Casting Committee must all be present for every day and night of auditions. Any change in Casting Committee is unprofessional and unfair to all auditionees.
  8. An adult supervisor is required to be at all auditions, but has no say in final casting.

Article V

  1. Any amendments to the Bylaws of the Teen Theatre Company of Danville requires approval by a two-thirds majority vote of The Board.

Article VI

  1. This current version of the TTCD Bylaws shall expire on November 1st, 2018. The Bylaws can stay the same, but must be reviewed and updated if needed.